This planet is hosting a Terrarium.  Thousands of humans are on display as they live in a whole city under a dome.

Based on our own behavior, there must be many civilizations that killed themselves by harnessing technologies that led to their own destruction.  If we find them before we destroy our own planet, that would be very informative, something we could learn from.  We could learn a great deal from civilizations that have solved their energy problem.

Still space is vast, and so is time.  Even with our ever more powerful computers and telescopes, … we may never encounter an alien intelligence.  On the other hand, the first intimation of life from a distant planet feels thrillingly close.  ‘You never know what’s going to happen. But I know that something great is around those stars.’  **


** National Geographic 03-2019 We are not alone / Search for life

24 x 24 | Oil on canvas

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