Priestess of the Old Kingdom

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the Egyptian ancient civilization and the pharaohs. This series of 7 paintings (EM-1 to EM-7) about Egyptian Mysteries is my way to express my respect to ancient artists who sculpted their history thousands of years ago. It is also my way to recognize their extraordinary knowledge of the Universe and their connection to divine beings.


When we examine ancient Egyptian knowledge of cosmos, we find clues that provide us with valuable knowledge about our past and perhaps even future. Ancient texts reveal Egyptians believed our fate is determined by the cosmic engine. Priests of the Old Kingdom studied the stars and other celestial bodies to understand what was going to happen in Egypt. Pyramids, temples and other ancient structures were deliberately aligned to the stars and some were even raised to symbolically replicate the sky. Many ancient Egyptian symbols have great cosmic significance and hieroglyphs containing secret cosmic messages have been found in the Land of the Pyramids. –

20 x 16 | Oil on canvas

PRICE: $1,500