The Artists Journey

Together we enjoy the dance of life.  The scene behind the couple represents countries and places we have traveled to.  Feel how shapes and colors are making you travel.  Do you remember now?

The bronze statue ‘La Valse’ (18 1/8 in or 46,2cm) was created by Camille Claudel in 1889. Claudel was a talented sculptor who shared her passion with Auguste Rodin. The dancer carries with her an expression of sensitivity and intense love between two people lost in a world apart. An obvious sensitivity and intense emotion is represented by the hand that the dancer barely touches, by the twisted body and by the intertwining of the two heads.

The couple is dancing on the music and song of Claude Dubois, ‘le blues du businessman’ which is my song of choice.

36 x 36 | Oil on canvas


PRICE: $5000