Living the present moment and feeling the peace

“The essence and power of an African girl’s simplicity accented by bold vibrant colors in fabrics that compliment her humility.”  –  Andre Hughes  Founder and Servant at Powered by Action


What it will take is the recognition that we are, after all, one species, one people, one family, and that rather than waste our energies on murderous feuds in the name of ‘God’, or ‘country’, or political ideology, or selfish greed, the time has come for love and harmony to displace fear and turmoil in every aspect of our lives, so that we can secure the human future. If we are to do this, we will have to stop seeking out our own reflections in the mirror and learn to look up into the cosmos instead, we will have to banish hatred and suspicion and learn to pool our resources, our intelligence and our talents in a grand effort for the redemption of mankind.
We will, in short, have to awaken to the full mystery of the magnificent gift of consciousness and realise we must not squander it an instant longer. – MAGICIANS OF THE GODS (p439)- GRAHAM HANCOCK

24 x 48 | Oil on canvas